Coconut-Collagen-MCT dressing!

Thursday salad🥗 coming atcha! LOADED salad today for lunch with all the goods! Mixed greens, Swiss chard, purple cabbage, sautéed broccoli, rutabaga, kabocha and summer squash (in @chosenfoods avocado oil in my new @staub_usa cast iron pan–I’m obsessed!) plus some sliced roasted chicken 🍗and avocado 🥑 topped with a homemade collagen-MCT-yogurt dressing! This #vegan dressing was amazing! Mix 2 tablespoons of @kitehillfoods almond milk unsweetened yogurt with a scoop of @sportsresearch collagen, a tsp of @sportsresearch MCT oil and 2 tsp of coconut aminos!! I added some pepper too…it was 🔥! Happy Thursday!

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