Easy Stuffed Peppers TWO ways!

Stuffed peppers 🌶✌️ ways for lunch today! First I cut two peppers in half, deseeded and put them in the oven on 400 for about 10 minutes to let them cook and soften a bit. For # ☝️ I stuffed a yellow pepper with chipotle chicken 🍗 avocado salad! This was made with chopped roasted chicken 🍗, avocado , minced red onion and a yogurt “mayo” made with @kitehillfoods almond milk yogurt, a squeeze of lime, coconut aminos, ground chipotle pepper 🌶 and @sportsresearchcollagen powder! SO GOOD! Mix it all up and stuff! For # ✌️I sautéed zucchini and kabocha squash in @nutiva coconut oil and seasoned with some Himalayan salt, pepper and onion granules. Stuff up the red pepper and enjoy! They are grain-free and dairy free and packed with flavor and nutrients! One of them is #vegan too 👌And made in 15 minutes! Plus, you can eat with your hands…my kind of meal 😻

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