I’d Like to Propose a Toast!

I am toasting not one, not two, but FOUR times to this Tuesday. It’s going to be close to 80 degrees today and I am beyond grateful for this sunshine ☀️! I got up super early today to try and make it to a Bootcamp in Back Bay, but when I started driving I realized I probably wouldn’t make it….so I turned around and went and did a killer leg day at the gym. Came back and had some fun in the kitchen refueling!
Toasts–> Top left: mashed avo, sautéed asparagus, and a turmeric poached @egglandsbest organic egg. Top right: @kitehillfoods almond milk yogurt mixed with @sportsresearch collagen (for a protein boost), @iloveorganicgirl baby spinach, tomato and basil garlic kraut from @pickledplanet. Bottom left: @nutiva chocolate hazelnut spread with strawberries and @salbachia chocolate covered chia seeds. Bottom right: mashed @friedasproduce purple sweet potato with @once_again_nut_butter sunflower butter. @julianbakery paleo bread.

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