Vegan Buddha Bowl!

Yesterday I wanted a burger, today I wanted this¬†#veganlunch. It’s all about balance ūüôŹ This¬†#buddhabowl¬†was absolutely delicious, fresh and filling. Layered the bottom with baby spinach, topped with cucumbers , radishes, roasted broccoli,¬†@pickledplanet¬†I-boost kraut, roasted kabocha (sprayed with¬†@chosenfoods¬†avocado oil and roasted at 450 for 20 mins), shirataki noodles, tofu cubed marinated in¬†@thrivemkt¬†coconut aminos and saut√©ed in¬†@nutiva¬†coconut oil, green onion, black sesame seeds and a drizzle made from¬†@kitehillfoods¬†almond milk yogurt,¬†@chosenfoods¬†sesame oil, coconut aminos,¬†@sportsresearch¬†MCT oil and collagen peptides. Flavors were perfect and light and crisp!

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