Just Poke(ing) Around…

Poke that Thursday! Ahhh(i) this tuna was so fresh and delish. Got some last night from my amazing local fish guy😉 sooooo, of course I made a poke bowl for lunch! Filled with so many goods 😍 Bottom layer of @iloveorganic girl mixed greens, radishes, pan sautéed kabocha in @nutiva coconut oil, sautéed zucchini, cilantro, avocado, Japanese yam cake, shiitakes, shredded cabbage, and of course fresh tuna and red onion marinated in @chosenfoods sesame oil and coconut aminos. Sprinkled on a whole bunch of @traderjoeslist everything but the bagel seasoning! I made a tahini-yogurt sauce with @soomfoods tahini, @kitehillfoods yogurt, coconut aminos and lime juice 👌 If you haven’t tried a DIY poke bowl then you should! So much fun and soooooo tasty 😋 Happy Thursday loves! I’m off to my last client!

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