Chicken Buddha Bowl with Sweet and Spicy Tahini dressing!

If you like it then you shoulda put a bowl on it! Or put it in a bowl actually 😜Another bowl of goods today: shredded purple cabbage, @iloveorganicgirl baby spinach, sautéed baby bellas, sautéed zucchini ribbons, roasted acorn squash slices, cubed raw butternut, avocado and turmeric roasted chicken. I dressed this with a super simple and delicious sweet 🍭 and spicy 🌶 tahini dressing! It has @soomfoods tahini, @traderjoes jalapeño hot sauce, @thrivemkt coconut aminos and @sportsresearch MCT oil. SO yum…I’ll be making this on repeat! Also…anyone else obsessed with shredded purple cabbage? I think @thewellnecessities mentioned cabbage as her favorite food the other day and I totally relate. I love it…every time I have it I am reminded how much I love the texture and the versatility of it. I hope you are all having a fantastic start to your week! Tomorrow I have a couple surprises coming! One of them you can check out on @salbachia feed in the post from last night 😍Happy day all!

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