NAT-CHO Average Nachos!

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! 🇺🇸 A wonderful day to honor al the amazing people who have served 🙏 What is everyone up to on this Monday holiday?!! A bit of a wash out weather-wise here in Boston, but I slept in today (until 7:15!!). Hit the gym for a brief workout and met a friend for breakfast. It was so nice, hadn’t been out to breakfast in forever. This afternoon alllll I wanted was nachos….so these happened!! Sweet potato 🍠 nachos with shredded chicken, zucchini chips, baby yellow tomatoes, shredded napa cabbage, roasted mushrooms, roasted mini peppers, avocado , red onion, olives, cilantro and topped with @kitehillfoods almond milk yogurt and @traderjoes jalapeño hot sauce. This plate was literally amazing and so satisfying. WHO SAYS NACHOS CANNOT BE HEALTHY?!?! For the sweets, I mandolin sliced them and baked at 400 for about ten minutes (careful not to burn them…I totally burned the first batch 😕…and I sprayed the tinfoil so they wouldn’t stick but not the potatoes because it makes them cook too fast) I hope you’re enjoying your day…I’m totally relaxing all day and it feels wonderful 😊 Love and light to you!

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