Good morning and happy Friday all! It’s chilly here is Boston this morning! I love the cool nights but I’m not quite ready to let summer go 🙅 Hoping we get some more warm days. I bought this adorable mini waffle maker the other day and had to try it out! Made some mini waffles using 1/3 @birchbenders paleo mix, 1/2 scoop @sportsresearch vanilla bone broth protein, 1 egg white, 1/2 mashed ripe banana, cinnamon, dash of vanilla and a few splashes almond milk. Omg they were so good!!! Topped them with banana, cacao nibs, @georgiagrinders cashew butter plus some strawberries and avocado on the side. HELLO Friday! 👌 What does everyone have going on for the long weekend?? I have a work event tomorrow at a health fair then headed to Fenway Park to see Lady Gaga…a birthday present from a friend 😘 Enjoy your day loves ❤️❤️

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