Smoothie Cone!!

SMOOTHIE SATURDAY CONE! Hey @mikeys your tortillas make awesome ice cream cones 😋 Guys…you gotta try this! I basically had an ice cream cone for breakfast but it was healthy! Post spin kabocha-turmeric smoothie thrown into this homemade ice-cream cone, topped with @purely_elizabeth granola, bluebs and @crazyrichardspb cashew buttah! Does it get any better? Happy Saturday loves!

How did I do this? Form a @mikeys tortilla into a cone shape, place toothpicks to hold shape. Place upside down in an oven-safe dish and Bake on 375 until just hardened and formed. Remove from oven and pull toothpicks out then let it cool!
Smoothie: kabocha squash, cauliflower, turmeric, cinnamon, @so_delicious yogurt, almond milk, @sunwarriortribe and @sportsresearch beef gelatin. 

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